Actress Tracey Boakye talks about her priorities with zionfelix

Actress Tracey Boakye has revealed that her priority is not to slay on the red carpet, but rather concentrate on Building her own house.

Actress Tracey Boakye has been criticized over time for her red carpet appearances. According to some Ghanaian viewers, the popular actress has not exactly made a the greatest of efforts to wow spectators during red carpet occasions.

Now in an interview on’s Celebrity Ride, Tracey Boakye has pointed out that her priority isn’t to spend her hard earned money turning heads on the red carpet, especially not if she’s living in a rented home.

During the interview, Tracy Boakye wondered what the point of “slaying” on the red carpet would be when one lived in a rented home

“Tracey doesn’t slay. That is the word they use….To live in a rented room and slay on the red carpet is not something I fancy…At the end of the month if I don’t get evicted from my house and I don’t owe, I believe in that than pleasing others”, Tracey said.

According to Ms. Boakye, everyone has the liberty to choose their own lifestyle, and that she rather chose to invest her resources on “profitable ventures”. Miss Boakye, born in the year 1991, says she bought her first plot of land at the tender age of 21 years old. “I was 21 years when I did it (bought the land).

The chief whom I bought the land from is in Asokwa…I bought the land myself….That is what I want to do. If someone feels proud of buying an expensive dress, why shouldn’t I feel proud of saying I built a house?”, said Tracy Boakye.

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