Nana Mpiani Ababio, the Gyaasehene of Ahinsan in the Ashanti region has said, the chief of Kumasi Ahinsan, Nana Dwumahene is not against development but has initiated and supported many developmental issues in the area.
Chronicling some of the works the chief has supported, the Gyaasehene disclosed that, the school in Ahinsan rehabilitating works was sponsored by Nana Dwumahene, provision of a police post and other things one can talk about in the name of development.
He asked that how a chief can be an agent of anti-development and that he continues to pose himself as a chief? Nana Ahinsanhene under his reign as the occupant of the Ahinsan stool has done a lot to his credit and he deserved to be praise than to be disgraced, said, Gyaasehene.
Nana Mpiani Ababio said this when he was reacting to claims by the assemblymen of the area that the chief has blow over GHC3,007,725.00 compensating cash which supposed to be used for development.
The Gyaasehene explained to the New Crusading Guide that, part of the money given to the assemblymen to be used to promote development was from what the chief received after the apportionment of the compensating cash from government acquisition of land at Ahinsan for an estate project.
He said, there were a lot of places the money was spread across and beside that, there was also some charges that were taken from the money which include less administration charges and processing fees. Other expenditure was also made.
Accusing the assemblymen, he said, the money that was given to them to be used to foster growth could not be accounted for and when they were been called to render an accounts to what was given to them, they failed and rather run to the media to seek relieve and a cover up.
Nana Ahinsahene’s sub-chief hinted that the palace as he speaks has received an information that the land which has been paid for by government is been developed by an unknown persons which they have cautioned anyone who is behind it with an immediate effect to halt any activity on it or face the wrath of the law.
According to him, the chief has a policy line to ensure that his town received a face lift through public private partnership and that the assemblymen who supposed to collaborate with the chief and his elders are running away from any invitation to them.
My brother, he said, Ahinsan is facing a lot of problems and asked that where is the money they collected to buy bulbs and fixed it across the street but what they see now is total darkness.
He therefore used the opportunity to advise the duo that they can’t do anything without the involvement of the traditional council because the chief is ready to work with all to bring more progress to Ahinsan and its environs.

By Martin Osei Tutu

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