It’s not wrong to use my baby for TV advert – Kafui Danku

Contrary to criticism by some people that actress Kafui Danku is over-exposing her eight-month-old baby for using her in a commercial the pretty actress has said there is nothing wrong with it.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz, Kafui noted that featuring her baby in the Royal Monopoly Baby Diapers commercial was a way of glorifying God.
“With what I have been through, having a baby calls for celebration and I should not be hiding in some corner, that won’t be glorifying God. I think it should be a thing of joy and I am not exposing her enough,” she told Showbiz on Tuesday.

Those who were worried about the actress showing off her baby know her she suffered in conception and hold the superstition that exposing the baby may be harmful.

“I am not over-exposing her, there is nothing wrong with it. Why do people think I am exposing my baby? Is it because it is my baby or they want to say all other babies used in commercials are being over exposed?” she asked.

According to Kafui, she’s been signed as brand ambassador of Royal Monopoly Baby Diapers although the focus is on her baby Lorde because it is the baby who uses diapers.

“We were contacted, we tested the product and realised it was good. They saw my baby, she is cute so it was a mother/baby endorsement,” she said.

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