V/R: Mental health workers decry lack of support


Mental Health workers in the Volta Region are threatening to stop providing relevant information or service reports to the Mental Health Authority since they have failed to work closely with them. 


According to them, the Authority has has also failed to support their services. That is terms of logistics provision, drugs and financial support, lack of in – service training and clearcut policy on policy career progression.


The Spokeperson for the Mental Health workers Group -Volta Region Mr .Theophilus K. Doh – Senior Staff (RMN) in an interview with NewsGhana, stated bitterly that the Mental Health Authority has refused to recognize community Mental Workers as members of the Authority.


“We feel, neglected, they don’t care about us and  we are very sad as Mental Health Workers”, he said.


This he said, as a result of this ill treatment, some  Mental Health Workers are diverting to other areas of speciality; and causing workload and lack of recognition and support for people they have appointed as Regional Coordinators .


“We aren’t laying down our tools but we shall no longer be in position to provide  Statistical data to Mental health authority through their regional coordinators.


How can I be accountable to you if you say you don’t know me? If you don’t support me in my work? If you don’t facilitate my work?”, he stated.


According to him, Mental health Care all over the world has moved from institutions to Community which is more recovery effective, which  promotes easy reintegration of patients. Since less anxious reduces stigma and cost effective and also easy rehabilitation for clients.


Source: Isaac Kofi Dzokpo/NewsGhana.com.Gh

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