Acherensua Paramount Chief Cautions Migrant Farmers

The Paramount chief of Acherensua in the Brong Ahafo Region, Prof.Nana Agyewodin Adu Gyamfi Ampem has cautioned migrant farmers in his area to stop claiming lands they farm on as owners.
The lands were given to you to farms so that the proceeds will be shared after harvesting but to claim that the lands belongs to you which you know better that you are a caretaker, is wrong and therefore avoid that attitude, the Paramount chief told the caretaker farmers in Acherensua.
Prof.Nana Agyewodin Adu Gyamfi, the paramount chief of Acherensua made this cautioning during a meeting at his palace which includes migrant farmers and landowners at Acherensua over the weekend.
According to him, those indigenes who hailed from the area has been complaining bitterly about the way and manner these migrant farmers are treating them and if care is not taken, it will result to serious clash between the landowners and the migrant farmers who are claiming that the lands they farm on it belongs to them.
Lands issues in the country of late has become an impediment and shackle to control and as the paramount chief of Acherensua,there was a need to summoned a meeting to address some of these issues which need to talk about in order to prevent future occurrences which “I will be blamed for’’.
At the meeting, the paramount chief of Acherensua, Professor Nana Adu Gyamfi Ampem who is known in his private life as Professor Adu Gyamfi Kesse explained that, the lands were given to the migrant farmers to farms with the conditions that a tribute would be paid to the stool and the proceeds after harvesting also will be shared in a ratio of one third. The landowner who owns the cocoa farm or whatever will take two out from the three whereas the caretakers  and for that matter the migrant farmers who claims to be land owners will also take one out from the three, He said.
But according to the chief, information he is getting from his area is very bad that caretakers are now taking fifty percent of the farm proceeds after harvesting which must be stop. This, he said is as a result of an agreement entered in the dark without the chief concern by those who owns allegiance to the stool and the migrant farmers.
Prof.Adu Gyamfi Kesse, as he is known in his private life said ‘’this is not the only meeting we have held on matters like this, and to avoid any future troubles, there was a need for the traditional council to invite the media to ‘’sensitize’’ and ‘’conscientize’’ the public because “chief are the accredited representative of their people”.
He gave thanks to the participant of the meeting and seized the opportunity to call for unity to promoting a better future for all.
Story by Martin Osei Tutu.

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