Dabo denies $20,000 Kumawood fees


Actor Yaw Dabo has debunked claims that some actors, including himself, are paid $20,000 each for lead roles in local language Ghanaian films.

The diminutive actor, who was adjudged the discovery of the year at the 2016 Ghana Movie Awards, mentioned that the rumour is far from the reality.

“Everyone likes money and we get paid but not to the extent you are talking about,” he denied the figure on when he took his turn on Yvonne Okoro’s cooking show, Dinning With.

Ghanaian and majority of African actors do not display their rate cards in public, unlike in other acting jurisdictions.

Most of them shy away from talking about figures in public, but Dabo dares to be different. He was not scared to drop hints to his acting salary when he was asked.

He went on to say, “We get paid but not to that extent. However, the least I take is three thousand cedis (GH?3,000).”

But he won’t elaborate on the highest amount he has ever taken home.

He was on the cooking show with Kalybos to show their cooking prowess while they shared jokes on the platform.

Dabo also reacted to various questions about his career and acting in general, and had confirmed to the hostess that some local language actors sometimes don’t use script to act.

He said reading scripts and improvising stifles creativity sometimes, instead, acting extempore is the best.

In March 2016, Dabo reportedly disclosed that he has become a rich man courtesy the movies. He even sometimes gives loans to people in need of money and added that he does not give less than a thousand Ghana cedis.

His position is a direct contrast to Yvonne Okoro’s views, who recently claimed that acting doesn’t pay in Ghana. Dabo seems to be enjoying his career.
Source: dailyguideafrica.com

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