The Chief of LA Abese sets the tone for a peaceful Homowo festival


The Chief of LA Abese,Nii Kwade Okropong  I ,has performed the necessary traditional rites by Sprinkling kpokpoi throughout the various houses within the Abese Clan and Stool in readiness of this year’s Homowo festival.

Speaking with the media after the ceremony, Nii Kwade Obrepong I says he was optimistic this year’s Homowo festival in La will be peaceful.

Nii Kwade Obrenpong I said plans were ripe for a center for cultural studies to be built in the community and
a library facility to help children in learning and encourage research into the history of the people of LA in a quest to foster development.

Again,he said that,”there is no traditional rites done by LA Kpaa,the Chief Priest of LA which does not involve the Abese Chief and today’s ceremony you witness attest to this”.

Similarly,Abese has seen significant progress now compared to what transpired over the last two years.

He advised other Chiefs to be humble in ruling their subjects and exhibit leadership because after all,Kingship is all about bringing people together.

Kpokpoi is a traditional meal made
from Maize mixed with Palm oil and it’s only eaten after being offered to the gods and purified by their blessings for the land.

It is believed that the ancestors and forbearers did this after migrating and walking long distances without food and out of deprivation.

Therefore, this is done in remembrance of the aforementioned circumstances. Thus, the meaning to the ” hooting of hunger.’’

Source: Malise Otoo


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