Bigzie Sports in colabration with Wushu Martial Arts and Health Organisation to host the second Kickboxing event.

Bigzie Sports in association with (Wushu Martial arts & Health Organisation) host its second Kickboxing event Promoted by Mr Troy Robinson AKA “Bigzie” who intends to organise a remarkable International Kickboxing event in the hearts of the capital with expectations of getting it across board the whole country gradually by next year.

This unique venture seeks to test our tenanted Ghanaian Kickboxers as they will be competing against the very best fighters from Togo & Lebanon.

“Bigzie Fight”#2 will also host Amateur Boxing Bouts as to unearth and support other combat sporting talents and reshape them in order to tap their skills in the sport both on the local and international terrain and as a result yielding the country many dividends.

It will also serve as a channel to widespread the sport as the media plays a major role by the dissemination this honourable course.

This Great program takes place at the Korle Beach Resort Friday 15TH September 2017.

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