Two Youth Inducted Into Abese Adonten Council As Youth Leaders

By Muhammed Faisal Mustapha

Asafoi Anye Etsuru I and Asafoi Atse Esando Bronin II we’re on Sunday inducted into the Abese Adonten Divisional Council to join the youth members.

The two youth leaders swore the oath of Allegiance before the Chief and elders of Nii Sowah Kwade we of Abese Adonten Divisional Council and oath of secrecy admintered by the Abese Adonten Mantse Nii Kwade Okropong  I.

In an interview with the media, the stool secretary Mr. Andrew Sowah Kwade said the ceremony signifies  their acceptance into Sowah Kwade We (family) and will be recognised as members of the Asafo (youth).

He added that the inducted members will now have the mandate joint the youth of Nii Sowah Kwade family of Abese Adonten to perform any traditional rite due the youth.

The induction of the two youth leaders he said forms part of this years Afrimi Yam Festival adding that this will enable the newly inducted members to be part of the other youth members to help perform traditional rites before, during and after the Frimi Yam Festival.

“As youth leaders from Nii Sowah Kwade family of Abese Adonten, during the Afrimi Yam Festival all youth members are sent to the farm and before someone will be part of the youth he or she must be inducted and recognise by the Chief and elders of the family, other than that one cannot join the youth to the farm” he noted.

Explaining what Afrimi is, he said it is a deity that leads the people of La to war, due to this, the people of LA celebrates the Afrimi before the celebration of the Homowo festival.

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