GPHA Organizes Tactical Swimming Lessons for Its Fire and Safety Officers

The Ghana Ports Harbours Authority has organized a one month tactical Swimming lessons for personnel of the Fire and Safety Department of the Port of Tema.

The main aim of the swimming lesson was to equip officers with the ability to swim in order improve their professionalism and survival in their field of work.

The Fire and Safety Manager at Tema Port, Jimmy Nab-Daisie emphasized on the need for all officers to acquire swimming skills in order to help improve their professional capabilities in their field of survival, considering the scope of work and the marine environment they are exposed to.

”The Port industry is evolving and to keep pace with competition, having a well trained staff is a key strategic asset to stay ahead and survive in this competitive industry,” he opined.

Jimmy Nab-Daisie was pleased with the management of GPHA for introducing the training program for the Fire and Safety Department. He congratulated the officers who despite the certain conditions courageously participated in the session from start to the end.

” And I believe very much that, management looking at the potential in us will go on continuously to upgrade us to a status in which will benefit massively the organization,” he continued.

The Training Manager of Tema Port, Florence Hagan commended the fire and safety officers for their composure in the course of the training and encouraged them to keep practicing on their own so as to be perfect.

“I am very confident in you, as far as your ability to excel and to have the knowledge and skills to assist in case of any incident.”

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