THE EAST DADEKOTOPON DEVELOPMENT Trust wishes to warn the General Public that MR.BENJAMIN KODJO YEMOH JNR. OF LA, ACCRA aka B.K. aka Nii B.K. Yemoh Jnr. whose picture appears below is NOT a Trustee of the EAST DADEKOTOPON DEVELOPMENT TRUST and has no lawful authority to sell, lease, alienate or transact any business on behalf of the Trust in respect of any of the Trust lands situate behind the Ghana International Trade Fair, La, Accra.

It has come to the notice of the Trust that the said B.K. Yemoh Jnr.has been collecting huge sums of monies from unsuspecting persons and purporting to sell or alienate parcels of the Trust lands to them. The Trust is currently in possession of a number of fake and forged documents issued by B.K. Yemoh Jnr for the said purpose. One of such documents dated 17th July, 2015 issued by B.K. Yemoh Jnr. to AGORA GROUP GHANA purported to lease ONE ACRE of the Trust lands to the AGORA GROUP, for Ninety-Nine (99) Years at a ridiculous rent of Ten (10) Ghana Cedis per annum. The proceeds from such transactions have not been paid into the Trust Accounts by B.K Yemoh Jnr. and his gang.

AGORA GROUP GHANA is therefore advised in their own interest to go for their money from those they paid the moneys to as the Trust shall not regularise such fraudulent transactions.

Meanwhile the General Public is once again advised to beware of fraudsters duping investors and reckless purchasers of the Trust lands behind the Ghana International Trade Fair. Potential investors and purchasers are advised to engage competent lawyers to assist them in such transactions so that they can hold them responsible should they end up being duped.BE WARNED ACCORDINGLY!

Signed: 1). Nii KwadeOkropong I 2). Gilbert Oblie Lomotey

Chairman Trustee

3). Emmanuel Odoi Yemo

Executive Secretary

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