GPHA Boss Visits Marine Police And Railways Unit Of Ghana Police Service

In a related development, the Acting Director General, Michael Luguje, also visited the Marine Police Unit of the Ghana Police Service.

He indicated that security has been a hallmark of Ghana’s Ports in the sub-region and therefore acknowledged the Marine Police and Railways Unit for being key in achieving this feat.

Michael Luguje urged the Unit to continue the hard work to consolidate the gains.

”You are key partners in the whole Port service delivery system and that is why we are happy so far. The feedback from customers in terms of security is one of the advantages of Ghana’s corridor. If there is any issue you want to know about or assist you with, please let us know. We will try to accommodate you to the best of our opportunity,” he said.

The Marine Police and Railways Commander, Superintendent Joseph Ababio, seized the opportunity to express gratitude to the Port Authority for being a reliable benefactor to the Marine Police Unit of the Ghana Police Service.

He expressed trust in Michael Luguje’s capability in championing the Port to be more secured and efficient.

”If there is the need to advice in terms of the security challenges that we encounter to improve, we will provide,” he said.

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