Film Directors Guild Needs Substantive Executives – McLord Ice

McLord Ice

The Vice Chairman of the Greater Accra Film Directors Guild (FDGG), McLord Ice Impraim has called on the interim executives of the Film Directors Guild Ghana to organize an election for substantive executives to be elected to steer the affairs of the Guild.

According to him, electing a substantive president is long overdue since governance term is 4years.

In a press release he issued, McLord Ice Impraim said he found it extremely difficult to understand that an interim management team should also hold their positions for 4 years.

“I believe as an interim President Richard Yaw Boateng ought to make sure elections are organize to elect a President by ballot and if he Richard Yaw Boateng wins then so shall it be and if he loose then he must step aside for the elected President to spearhead the affairs of the Guild and its honorable members,” he stated.

He enumerated that recent events engulfing the interim President, Richard Yaw Boateng and the Film Directors Guild of Ghana (FDGG) to which he (McLord) is the Greater Accra Regional Vice Chairman, the President with his style of governance is making the Film Directors Guild of Ghana very unpopular.

He claimed that it was due to the elections and Richard Yaw Boateng’s style of governance that some key film directors like Van Vicker and Nana Ama McBrown who were members resigned.

“In addition following the recent resignation of Ashanti Regional Executives of the Film Directors Guild of Ghana (FDGG) was also due to election factor. I think it is long overdue for the interim leaders to organize elections. I am calling on the Board Members and the Operations Manager Mr Mikki Osei Berko and the Greater Accra Regional Chairman Haruna Siedu Zoree to come up with election date this year,” he appealed.


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