Too Much Concentration On Human Rights Doing More Harm Than Good To Society – Murabbi

The Missionary in Charge of the Gomoa Eshiem Circuit of the Ahmmadyya Muslim Mission, Murabbi Ismail Osman has attributed the drastic decline of morality in the society to the introduction of and too much attention to the so-called “human rights’ in the country.

According to him, the Ghanaian society was far better off with high standards of morality before the introduction of democracy and its associated human rights, which he said has come with its social challenges.

He noted that prior to the introduction of human rights into the country, one’s child is the child of every member of the community and as such could be disciplined by anybody when he or she is going wayward, unlike the present where no one has authority to discipline another person’s child when he or she is going wayward, because of human rights.

According to him, this situation has contributed to the high rate of indiscipline in the country, child delinquency, moral decay as well as increasing cases of other social vices, including armed robbery and other violent activities, particularly among the youth.

By: Robert Ayanful

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