Arrogance contributed to the collapse of the movie industry – Prince David Osei

Ghanaian actor Prince David Osei has expressed his views on why the Ghanaian movie industry is said to have taken a nosedive.

According to him, arrogance on the part of some actors and actresses is one major contributing factor.

He made this disclosure on the Delay show, “When we talk about things that contributed to the collapse of the industry, one is piracy, as for individual differences we can work with it, after all everyone has a different temperament, but piracy, lack of good distribution network and arrogance on the part of some of us. We thought we were too big and the movies can’t thrive without us, sometimes fame gets into your head so we are all culpable.”

When asked whether he thought the industry would ever be restored, he said,

“Yes it has picked up, I’ve shot a lot of movies since I returned from the US and people are shooting, unlike when I left for the US, nothing was going on but people are shooting now.”

Prince has been in the movie industry for more than a decade and has recently starred in a TV series [Scratch] in Hollywood to be aired on CBS. He shot four episodes.


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