Hype Media GH Awards Chief NAA Tia Salifu

Hype Media GH Awards
Chief NAA Tia Salifu
The Dagbong NAA Tia Salifu Shirazu has received a Prestigious Award for his tremendous support for the growth and development of Northern Music Industry.

The Award which was given to him by Hype Media GH due by its recent Entertainment Industry Awards dubbed “Hype Media GH Entery Industry Awards,” which was held to appreciate the works and contributions of players in the entertainment industry in the Northern Region.

A Citation which was signed by the CEO of Hype Media GH, Suley Alhassan to honour Chief NAA Tia Salifu Shirazu reads “For your countless support to the growth of Northern Music Industry, your humanitarian support to artistes individually, your great initiative of establishing a record label, T-Records with a free recording studio to support and manage artists without profit cannot go without due recognition.”

According to Hype Media GH, the award is to appreciate the good works Chief NAA Tia has been doing to lift the music industry in the Northern region up.

They noted that, Chief NAA Tia’s contributions to the music industry has indeed sustained the industry to this level, hence thee is every reason for him to be celebrated.

Receiving the award, Chief NAA Tia Salifu Shirazu expressed gratitude to the organizers of the awards and indicated his continuous support to the industry.

According to him he finds fulfilment and joy in seeing the up and coming young musicians developing their talents, and will therefore make himself available to assist th m grow and put the Northy region on a high pedestal.

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