Croronavirus: Stop Selling Nose Masks For Your Customers – CROSS Fashion House CEO Advices Fashion Designers

Elijah Nyamekye Amoako-Cross Fashion House CEO

The Chief Executive of CROSS Fashion House, Elijah Nyamekye Amoako, has appealed to fellow fashion designers in Ghana to consider making Nose Masks for their customers free of charge, to help aide government efforts in containing and preventing the spread of COVID-19.

He however expressed disgust at the sale of Nose Masks by fashion designers which he described as “unfortunate,” stressing that those fashion designers who are selling Nose Masks to their customers in this crucial time are not in business.

Elijah Nyamekye Amoako explained in an interview that, Fashion Designers in the country owe it a duty to protect their customers from contracting the virus and staying safe and alive in order to keep them in business.

He said it is even the responsibility of Fashion Designers to call and invite their customers to come for free nose masks to protect them against the pandemic.

“For me what we do at CROSS Fashion House is that, we call our customers and we give them free nose masks, because we need them alive to keep us in business. Without them, we are not in business so we must help protect them in times like this,” he said.

According to him, since government has made the wearing of face masks a mandatory measure for everyone, government alone cannot meet the demands in providing for every Ghanaian Nose Masks hence the need for Fashion Designers to take care of their customers so as to lift the huge burden on government.

“This is the time we must help each other, and that is the only way we can survive this,” he added and stressed that the cost of Nose Masks is not too much for a Fashion Designer to handle as compare to the benefits or revenue he or she gets from customers.

He also averred that when customers stay alive with the masks they will provide, they as entrepreneurs will get more from the customers and build on their revenue base.

Elijah Nyamekye Amoako also stressed the need for Fashion Designers to make Nose Masks of different sizes so that children can also get the opportunity to use them as protection against the virus.

According to him, when Fashion Designers begin to sew and give their customers free Nose Masks, it will prevent people from buying them from roadside sellers who usually, allow people to sometimes try the Nose Masks on to see if it fits them before buying.

“Those selling it in traffic and by the roads usually give it to people to try them on to see if it fits before buying, and the virus can spread through that means also. This is some of the things as Fashion Designers, we must guard against and keep our customers alive,” he noted.

Elijah Nyamekye Amoako who has dedicated the first one and half hours of each working day to produce Nose Masks for their customers however urged his customers and the public to heed to the safety measures put in place by government so that together, “we all stay safe.”

By: Prosper Agbenyega


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