The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, has lauded President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo- Addo, for stepping up efforts to combat the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in the Country.

According to them, Presidential directives ordering the closure of Schools and Universities, and banning public gatherings such as Church Services, Funerals, Drinking bar’s , festival’s to stem the spread of COVID-19 outbreak was a good one.

Answering question on how the Ghana Education Service must do should President Nana Akufo Addo, officially reopened schools , Elder John Atta Koranteng, Area seventy, Africa west Area suggested that people should wash their hands with soap under running water before entering their classrooms.” Government can equally come out and say physical distancing in the classrooms and implementing the use of hands sanitizers, wearing of nose mask and others,”.

“These are the things that would deffinately come up, we just don’t know when so we give it to the government to decide, but when it comes, we should all be ready and adhere to the health practice and standard that we now having”, he added.

Elder Atta Koranteng, furthered that we may have to practice more of prevention than cure. He believes this is great opportunity for members of all churches to organize their prayer sections at home and pray to our heavenly Father , and he will hear our prayers, supplications and answer them.

“When the time comes for the government to lift the band, we will say Alleluia, Hosanna and we will do what we can do. But for now, let wait for government to take the lead and lift the band when it appropriate”, Elder Atta Koranteng noted.

Speaking to the media in an exclusive interview at the church’s Headquarters in Accra, Elder John Atta Koranteng, shared his worries concerning Coronavirus stigmatization, he stressed that stigmatization is indeed a product of ignorance and advance more prejudice, and when you are ignorant, you can behave in ways that shows you really do not know.

“Why am I saying that , because any of us could be affected with Coronavirus, what happen next ? So the church in handling this, we look more at doctrine and when you go to Matthew 7: 12, the scripture says that, “Do for others what you want them to do for you”.

“So our members will express love, charity, compassion and help those rather need of love and some who need of recognition when necessary. If we join discriminating people who have covid-19, then don’t forget when we also enter the same situation, they will also do same to us because, we have established that law, and members are very much aware of that”, he stated.

Elder Edward Dube, 1st Counselor in the Africa west Area Presidency , continued that people need to be careful of social distancing and we should not label each other that these are the people who brought the Coronavirus . we should look to each other as brothers and sisters and have faith and trust in God Almighty that this too shall pass”.

He underscored that all God’s children are priority, and sovereignty, and it’s really important to love and embrace each other that is why the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints works closely in supporting what government do or does in that regard.

In his view on what Ghana education service must do should President reopens schools Officially, Elder Edward Dube , mentioned that government has a technical team that is helping him to put measures in place in case the band of social gatherings is lifted. ” We have experts so any decision that the experts will take or say however we must abide by that”.

You may recall when Ghanaian Fred Dral, a Father of Four (4) children fully recovered from COVID-19 shared his experience at Ministry of Information press centre, he pointed out that people refused to have contact with him and his wife. Their children were not left out , as the other children in the neighborhood pointed fingers at them when they passed.

Report by Benard K Dadzie

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