EC Engages GCB To Rob Ghanaians – Ghanaians Applying For Lost Voter IDs Claim

Ghanaians who have purchased form from the Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) Bank to replace their lost Voter ID Cards are calling on the Electoral Commission (EC) to refund their monies to them.

They described the EC and GCB Bank as fraudsters who have deliberately ‘stolen’ their hard earned monies all in the name of replacing lost Voter IDs.

Destiny Awlime, one of the Plaintiffs in Cases against the EC in High Court and Supreme Court during the referendum, narrated a sordid experience he had with the EC and the GCB Bank.

According to him, he traveled all the way to Teshie for the replacement of his lost Voter ID Card after paying for the form at GCB Bank that they have stop the replacement process days back until the new voter register is processed.

According to him, the EC as well as the Bank refused to tell prospective applicants of the voter card replacement about the new arrangement, but continue to collect monies from people.“

The receipt for payment
The receipt for payment

The most disheartening is the crying old lady I met there who has been denied transaction by the bank but sold the form to her to go for replacement, only to be told that she can get her card and the money,” he narrated.

He could not comprehend why the EC can “team up” with the bank to engage in a “daylight robbery” of innocent Ghanaians in this tough Covid-19 period.

He said: “Money is so hard to come by now, and Electoral Commission is robbing citizens in day light. How cruelest of them.”

Destiny Awlime also noted that he is prepared to go to Court if steps are not taken either to replace the Voter’s ID or refund the stolen monies back to the innocent citizens within the agreed period.

He averred that until the date chosen and completion of the so-called new register, the 2012 Voter ID remains valid for transactions therefore by far not right to stop the replacement process.“After all we are paying for the service. Even if so, why not announce to the general public of this decision. If that is even overlooked why liaise with the bank to rob us of our money and waste our time,” he said.

He challenged Jean Mensah and her Electoral Commission to within 7 days refund all stolen monies from the innocent Ghanaians or meet a “Coalition of Robbed innocent Citizens by EC” in court.


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