The Workplace Wellness Program is set to bring back confidence at the Workplace – Yussif Salford, (CEO City Xtra Limited).

The confidence to return to work has been a major subject in this COVID- 19 era. The assurance of whether one is safe being at home or at the workplace remains fully unanswered. The way forward in resolving the major part of this challenge is to have your workplace/home/environment disinfected.

At the Launch of the Workplace Wellness Program, Mr. Yussif Salford made the following important remarks.

“A vital aspect of our fight against Covid-19 is keeping healthy and staying safe to contain and break the chain of infection particularly at the workplace.

The pain point for both public and private institutions is how to rebuild confidence in the workplace and cautiously navigate back to a somehow normal work life in the built environment.

The WHO, CDC and other notable authorities in the area of public health have outlined some protocols such as social distancing and wearing of nose masks etc. However, clear guidelines for decontamination of the built environment has not been given adequate attention here in Ghana. The government in Singapore for instance, through their National Environmental Agency (NEA) has elaborate guidelines that includes list of certified companies for disinfection and funds set aside to support third-party cost of professional cleaning and disinfection services incurred by owners/managers of socially vital facilities such as gyms, schools and religious institutions especially with suspected or confirmed case(s) of COVID-19.

His Excellency President Nana Akuffo Addo recently announced the governments’ intentions to gradually ease restriction and get the nation back to work.

While there is understandably an immense pressure for some socially vital institutions to return to work, we need to think about how to keep them safe when they reopen. We are all desperate for assurance that our workplaces will be safe and fit for purpose when they reopen.
Workplace Wellness Program is designed to help equip building owners/managers with evidence of the steps they are taking, validity of decontamination and remediation disinfection processes against Covid-19 and daily visual reminders to everyone of how to stay safe and hygienic. From assessments of cleaning procedures to post-cleaning verification, WWP will enable you to open your doors while meeting the strict standards of cleanliness needed to prevent exposure to the virus.

It is imperative to know that the core approach to successful decontamination of any environment from any pollutant is an understanding of the processes of Cleaning and definition of Clean.

City Xtra Limited understands our responsibility and commitments as professional cleaners to be champions of CLEANING FOR HEALTH. Hence the decision to launch Workplace Wellness Program (WWP).

Value Drivers of WWP
1. A well-defined cleaning scope and management structure
2. Trained, certified and experienced team
3. Quality Assurance Cycle
4. An effective communications and engagement plan”

One intriguing aspect of the Launch had to do with the use of the ATP Machine, which is able to efficiently monitor and give accurate results, and feedback to clients before and after disinfection/decontamination has taken place. Mr. Salford made it clear that all the needed software and equipment in the effective disinfection activity are now available and City Xtra Limited is ready to serve the well-deserved Ghanaians with this life saving opportunity. The company is located on the Boundary Road in Accra and can be reached on +233 54 867 9533.

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