Patriotic Ladies Ghana embarks on operation get your name on the New Voters Register

Patriotic Ladies Ghana is a volunteering young and energetic ladies group a wing under the New Patriotic Party from across the country who are poised to help maintain power for the NPP in the upcoming Parliamentary and Presidential election in December 2020.

As part of that the group is organizing get your name in the voters register campaign across the country.

Today they took their activities to the Amasaman constituency to educate Ghanaians the need to get your name in the new voters register which is scheduled to take place 30th June.

Speaking to Madyana Jibreel Coordinator for the Patriotic Ladies Ghana, she said they are also doing that to help the New Patriotic Party to win power and win massively for the President to continue with his good work for the country.

Abigail Osei Wilson, PRO for the group she said they are also educating the masses on the Covid 19 precautionary measures as they troop to the various registration center for their new voters ID.

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