“My Assistance To The Police Not For Any Favours” – Kwesi Alhaji

The Mankrado of Gomoah Fetteh, Nana Kwesi Kwansah popularly called Akwesi Alhjai, has described as baseless and frivolous, claims that he bought the Millennium City Divisional Police Commander, hence has been left off-the-hook to carry on with his land guards activities.
Nana Kwesi Kwansah who has supported the Kasoa District and Millennium City Divisional Police Commands in diverse ways to help the police in crime prevention and crime fight, expressed worry as people fail to see through his social intervention programs and consider them as ‘bribery.’
In an interview with Nana Kwesi Kwansah, he noted that as a traditional leader of a community, he sees it as a priority to support the security services to ensure that they work to bring peace to his area.
“I am a leader, a traditional ruler for the matter and I don’t think whatever I do to support the police was to seek favours from them,” he explained.
He averred that, his social intervention activities span beyond support for the police only to citizens and residents of Gomoah Fetteh.
Nana Kwasi Kwansah has recently supported three people financially, to undergo hernia surgery.
He had also been supporting orphanage homes and the disabled and recently donated items worth GHC200,000.00 to the Spam School for the Disabled.
Checks conducted across the various police stations across Kasoa revealed that, Nana Kwesi Kwansah’s support to the service cannot be overestimated and should not be seen as attempts on his part to be in bed with the police.
Nana Kwesi Kwansah had donated desks including tables and chairs to the District Police Commander.
The furniture which was provided during the term of the first Commander was again replaced by him when the second Commander was posted to the area.
He has also renovated and tiled the Kasoa Divisional Police Cell, provided ten (10) swing-wheel chairs to the Division and ten (10) plastic chairs to the Budwumburam police station
Nana Kwesi Kwansah also pulled resources together to build the Gomoah Fetteh Police Station, supplied two (2) televisions and a fridge to the Millennium City Divisional Police Station.
He also offered financial assistance to get police for the repair of their broken down vehicles, all in the interest of equipping them in crime fight.
Nana Kwesi Kwansah was also the one who provided the photograph of the suspect who shot and killed a police officer in Kasoa to the police leading to his arrest.
According to police sources, Nana Kwesi Kwansah has been in the forefront of helping the police in the community to ensure that crime is reduced.
“Fighting crime is not only the duty of the police or security agencies or forces, citizens also play a role. Here is where I commend Nana Kwesi Kwansah for what he is doing. He had, on several occasions, relayed information about perpetrators of crimes in the community an that helped the police in apprehending and prosecuting these people,” a police source said.
However, commenting on the position of Nana Ahumka he said the Kingmakers and elders have not recognize the said Nana Ahumka as chief of Gomoah Fetteh.
According to him, Nana Ahumka is not a chief of the area, stressing that he (Nana Kwesi Kwansah) had won four different cases against the said Nana Ahumka in Court.
He also revealed that Gomoah Fetteh has Heads and Kingmakers and as far as he, as the Mankrado is aware, have not installed Nana Ahumka as chief.
“We have a chief in the person of Nana Abore Atta II. He is currently the legitimate chief of Gomoah Fetteh. He was installed by the Abusuapanyin Kow Abeka from the Abor Twidan Royal Family,” he said.
Addressing some allegations levelled against him by the said Nana Ahumka, Nana Kwesi Kwansah noted that, the claims that he has built a house and bought a car for the Divisional Police Commander is false, challenging Nana Ahumka to lead the security forces to those facilities so he can be arrested.
“I am performing my duties as Mankrado and will continue to do so; not to dictate for the police on what to do but to assist government to resource the police to effectively work and bring peace to our communities,” he said.
It is however obvious that people who are against the Mankrado and his chiefs, Nana Abor Atta II have failed to see the good things they have done for the police an the community, hence confused all those social interventions as bribery.

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