The Greater Accra Regional Organizer and Agona East Parliamentary candidate for Liberal Party of Ghana, Hon. Samuel Paakwesi Aryeequaye also known as Baron has said that when the party is voted into power, they will make university education free for students.

According to him, as far as the government has been able to make senior high schools free for students, university education should be made free for university students as well.

He added that the government needs to change their mentality on university education. This is because the government believes the university education demands more investments.

In an interview with Hon. Samuel Aryeequaye, he indicated that if the government will agree on making university education free, it will be necessary to set an agenda to prevent pressure from citizens in the country.

In a communal issue, Hon Samuel Aryeequaye also indicated that he will not wait to get to parliament before helping his community.
According to him, his community in the Agona East has been thirty for development, however, he has taken it upon himself to help the community.
He also stated that, he is not in government and has not been there before, but he has been able to reconstruct a double lane bridge, and a park that was left to damage for almost twenty years.

He added that he will not give money to constituents but rather help the community to develop.

Thee people of Agona East constituency have also shown gratitude to Hon. Aryeequaye for the developmental projects. The community members also pledged to vote for the Liberal Party of Ghana.

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