The Ada paramount stool has begun a probe into various claims by two feuding factions, the Akwerh and the Poplampu family who are both laying claims to the Hwakpo stool of Ada. The paramount stool say it wants to lay the feud which has been lingering for over two decades to a final rest.
Currently, the Poplampu family without the blessing of the paramount stool have installed a chief, much to the displeasure of the Akwerh family who are showing proof that they are the king makers. The last and the only recognized chief of Hwakpo, Nene Nyumuwayo Akwerh II who ruled from 1949 up to 1985 is from the Akwerh family.

Since the demise of the Chief of Hwakpo, the community is led by caretakers since efforts to installed a chief is marred by opposing claims by the Populampu family whose member has been a caretaker chief that the Hwakpo lands belong to the Populampu family even though all the court judgments have gone in favor of the Akwerh family in whose name the Hwakpo lands are duly registered.

The paramount stool which has been petitioned by both families has taken the decision to bring finality to the long pending chieftaincy litigation by establishing a committee of enquiry to substantiate both claims and make judgment.

Even though the Poplampu family have early on slum the decision by the paramount stool and castigated the stool secretary for not accepting their decision of installing a chief, the newly installed chief with his family are attending to the committee engagements being held behind closed doors.

The secretary to the paramount stool, secretary, Numo Jonathan Dorkutso in an interview maintained that the paramount stool remains undistracted in its quest to ensure that all divisional stools have legitimate chiefs without blemish.

“We would ensure only the right prevails” he said.

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