Directives to enhance the combat of COVID 19 in Asene Manso Akroso District

The District Public Health Emergency Committee of the Asene Manso Akroso District Assembly as part of its efforts to combat the COVID 19 (Coronavirus) in the district, has again directed for immediate implementation of the following measures with regards to organizing funerals:

1. Non-family members attending funerals should not spend more than an hour at funeral grounds.

2. Sharing of food should be made take away
3. Strictly no music should be played during funerals anywhere,

4, Chairs can be made available for only family members at the funeral grounds, Not more than six (6) chairs should be provided for each family. Therefore, a funeral ground at any time, cannot have more that 100 chairs.

5. Deceased bodies can be sent to the church for burial service for a maximum of one hour. The bodies should be taken straight to the cemetry for burial after the service.

6. Veronica buckets, soaps and tissues should be made available during funerals. Everyone at the funeral grounds should be in nosemasks and must use hand sanitizers.

7. Maximum of hundred (100) chairs with one meter social distance protocol should be provided at the family house of the bereaved.

8. No dead body should be sent home for any reason.

9. Every funeral committee should establish a taskforce to ensure, compliance to all the all the stated guidelines are adhered to.

NOTE: Any family that fails to adhere to any of these directives will be fined an amount of GHQOO.OO.

Counting on the cooperation and strict adherence of these directives by all affected persons.
Thank you.

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