Oseawuoman Hene Daasebre Dr. Dr. Nyarko Asimedu Appiah Chief of Akyem Wenckyi call on Ghanaians to support Free SHS devoid of politics

Oseawuoman Hene has called on Ghanaians, particularly political activists to support government’s Free Senior High School policy because it is a good policy and has the capacity to transform the nation’s human capital in the near future.

“Now ladies and gentlemen, let me talk a little about education. I believe that as we all gather here, most of us have attained some level of education, making us whatever we are today. This is why I am appealing to all Ghanaians, especially our politicians to support the government’s Free SHS policy to help develop our nation going forward because every nation that lacks knowledge will perish. I won’t do politics with this matter but I urge us all to support the policy to be successful. I hereby call on parents, teachers, students and everybody to invest in knowledge seeking for a better tomorrow”*. He said.

Oseawuoman Hene made these remarks when he held a ceremony to mark his decade long succession to the Oseawuoman throne.

The chief further called on Oseawuoman to bury all differences among them, stop the years long disputes and unite for the development of the community and forgive each other as he has also done.

*”We are one people and therefore I am appealing to us all to love ourselves and unite to build Oseawuoman. I today proclaim that I have forgiven anyone who has offended me and so do I ask you to also forgive yourselves*”. He added.

Oseawuoman Hene again took the opportunity to call for discipline in every aspect of our Ghanaian lives in order to improve the sanitation conditions in the country. According to him, the people of Ghana must ensure that in whatever they do, protecting the environment will be key factor because the God we all claim to be worshiping is one who is holy and pure and therefore anyone claiming to worship him should do so in cleanliness.

The Paramount chief also took turns to advise young ones to abstain from elicit hard drugs and seek knowledge in order to become the people they want to be in future.

*”A discipline child will not smoke bad stuff, will not take tramadol and will hate teenage pregnancy. I therefore charge our young ones to abstain from hard drugs and fight for a better future”*. He noted.

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