Day: January 11, 2021

GOIL Sued For $50m Claim

Prestige Links Security Limited has sued Ghana Oil Company(GOC) to the tune of $15,000,000 for damages accruing over an eight year period. In the proposed statement of claim made by Prestige Links Security Limited(herein as Plaintiff) versus Ghana Oil Company(Defendant), the aforementioned is seeking a declaration by the High Court […]

Accra Schools Disinfected Ahead Of Re-opening

With few days to the re-opening of schools in the country, Zoomlion Ghana Limited (ZGL) has disinfected basic, Junior and senior High Schools (SHSs) in Greater Accra. Staff of Zoomlion Ghana Limited were spread across schools within Greater Accra where they meticulously disinfected the schools to keep them clean in […]