Day: September 15, 2021

Court Injuncts Hwakpo Land ‘Mafias’ From Misappropriation Of Lands

The Tema High Court has granted an interlocutory injunction against the head of the Puplampu family, Dr David Buernor Puplampu, and two others viz. Solomon Tetteh Nartey and David Normotey Nartey, restraining them, their agents, assigns, heirs, successors and workmen from undertaking construction work or alienating any position of the […]

Ghana Library Authority and UNICEF announce the launch of 10 youth engagement centers.

UNICEF and the Ghana Library Authority (GhLA) announced the launch of its joint initiative to establish ten youth engagement centers in GhLA library spaces. The collaboration will focus on improving young people’s sustained access to quality learning, employability, and empowerment opportunities. The youth engagement centers will support at least ten […]