Reduce the consumption of margarine, Oil and food that are highly fat — INSLA Boss to Ghanaians

The Director of Institute of Leadership and Development Mr. Benjamin Anabila, has urged the general public to limit the intake or re- usage of oil to avoid Fat transplant.

“Let us also reduce the consumption of margarine, cheese and food that are highly fat.
As we are working to come out with a policy to regulate our eating”, he said.

The Executive Director of INSLA, therefore advised the general public to stay away from fatty foods and probably if they can resort to a more of roasted meat or chicken than the fried ones.

According to Mr Anabila, there is an element called trans fatty acids in most of the foods that we eat. They are found in oil, margarine, cheese and these transform into trans fatty acids as a result of their re_usage or continuous usage.

“We are drawing attention to the general public that if you are using an oil, even if the oil is a healthier one, limit the usage or reduce the usage. Don’t use the oil over and over again because it will develop into trans fat,” he stressed.

Mr. Benjamin Anabila, continued that, non- Communicable Diseases which are result of intake of Trans-fatty Acids are the cause of mortality in Ghana.

Mr Benjamin Anabila, made this known when
Institute of Leadership and Development (INSLA) organized 3rd capacity building and consultative forum for civil society organizations (CSOs) and the media, on the Elimination of trans- fatty acids (TFA) held at Miklin hotel in Accra.

For his part, the project manager of INSLA, Issah Ali, adding that, CSOs and the media speak on behalf of the people. “So when ever we are supporting the ministry it generally means that, the public is in support.”

He said, there are alternatives to good healthier fats as opposed to the TFA maintaining that, “if there are alternatives it is better we pay more for healthy foods than paying less for unhealthy foods, he said.

INSLA is a Founding Member and National Treasurer of Ghana NCD Alliance and Ghana Healthy Diet Alliance. INSLA is also a member of the Ghana Physical Activity Network, Framework Convention Alliance, Smart International, African Tobacco Control Alliance, Coalition on the Narcotic Control Law and Federation of CSOs on Sustainable Development.

INSLA has set a target of October 2022 for Government to make a legislation or adopt a National policy aimed at eliminating the Trans-fatty Acids(TFA) in Ghana food production system.


Report By Bernard K DADZIE

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