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TAGG Urges Government Not To Put Incompetent CEOs In Various Institution

Traders Advocacy Group-Ghana (TAGG) is urging government to put competent Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) to various institutions. It made specific reference to the Ghana Shippers Authority (GSA) which it said, has failed to intercede on behalf of traders when it comes to negotiations between multinationals shipping lines. TAGG then called […]

Trading Public Debate, The Right Of Importers To Negotiate Their Insurance Offers

The Importers and Exporters Association of Ghana is one of such entities who have in a press release outlined concerns including some initiatives by a tripartite committee involving the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority, Ghana Shippers’ Authority and the National Insurance Commission regarding the enforcement of an Insurance Act […]

Traders Warn Against Use Of Force To Have All Imports Insured By Ghanaian Insurers

Players in international and maritime trade are advising a tripartite committee involving the National Insurance Commission, Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority and Ghana Shippers’ Authority to tread cautiously in seeking the enforcement of the law that mandates importers to purchase Ghanaian Insurance Policies for all imported cargo except […]

Ghanaian Insurers Advised To Make Marine Insurance Attractive To International Traders

Players in the International Trade and Maritime Industry have called on local insurance companies to make available attractive offers in order to woo the trading public to purchase their policies when engaging in the importation of goods through Ghana’s ports. Speaking on Eye on Port, President of the Ghana Union […]

Customs Advises Importers To Clear Goods On Time Or Risk Forfeiting Them To State

The Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority has emphasized that cargoes that are not cleared at the ports of Ghana within the stipulated 21 days for general goods and 60 days for vehicles, are by law forfeited which imply that they are the property of the state. Speaking on […]

Electrochem Builds Community Pans Along Songor Lagoon To Empower Ada Residents

Electrochem Ghana Limited has commenced construction works on Community pans for residents around the Songor lagoon to make residents part of the project. The development of the Songor lagoon has been leased to McDan group of companies for 15years through parliamentary ratification. Although the construction of pans for residents is […]