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‘Accurate, reliable information’ needed to enrich African democracy and development, former President Obasanjo says

Africa’s future depends on “accurate, reliable information” to enrich its democracy and ensure its development progress, former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo told British parliamentarians and thought leaders. In his keynote address to the Afrobarometer/University of Strathclyde Conference on “Public Opinion, Democratic Governance, and Inclusive Development in Africa” in Glasgow, Scotland, […]

Africans Want High-quality Elections – Afrobarometer Survey Shows

New Afrobarometer survey data shows that most Africans support democratic elections as the best way to choose their leaders if they see their previous elections as free and fair, and especially if those elections produced a change in leadership, In the seventh of its Pan-Africa Profiles series based on recent […]

Benin Opposition Call For An End To Talon’s Rule

The political opposition in Benin, Alliance for Sustainable Democracy in Africa (ASDA) has called for a change of government at the executive level, followed by new, inclusive legislative elections and accompanied by the restoration of the civil liberties in Benin. According to the group civil liberties have been eroded since […]

ECOWAS, UEMOA Steering Committee Settle On Validation Of Transport Facilitation Project

  A project advancing committee has met in Accra to lay down proper roadmap for the ongoing infrustractural boosting among the 16 West African States. The project which is part of effort to boost community trade, facilitate transport and road transit in the west African sub-region through the provision of […]

Support For Media Freedom In Africa Declines To A Minority View – Afrobarometer Survey Reveals

Across Africa, popular support for media freedom has dropped to below half of adults, according to new Afrobarometer findings from across the continent. In the sixth of its Pan-Africa Profiles series based on recent public-opinion surveys in 34 African countries, Afrobarometer reports that media-freedom supporters are now outnumbered by those […]

Africa’s Closing Political Space Marked By Less Freedom, Willingness To Trade Liberties For Security

Africans see their individual freedoms diminishing, and many are willing to give up at least some liberties in the name of security, new Afrobarometer survey findings indicate. The fifth of Afrobarometer’s Pan-Africa Profiles, based on recent public-opinion surveys in 34 countries, reports that in most African countries, citizens’ assessments of […]

Sudanese Protests Align With Democratic Aspirations, Dssatisfactions Of The Majority – Survey

Mass protests demanding political change in Sudan are consistent with democratic aspirations and dissatisfactions of a majority of the population, Afrobarometer public-opinion survey findings show. In a survey conducted in mid-2018, Sudanese citizens preferred democracy over non-democratic alternatives by a 3-to-1 margin, and even larger majorities endorsed elections as the […]

Credible, Peaceful Elections Good For Nigerians And Africa – WAEON

Credible and peaceful elections good for Nigerians and Africa On Saturday, February 16, 2019, Nigeria will hold its Presidential and General Elections. This sixth consecutive election marks steady progress in the country’s democratic journey since it reverted from military rule to multiparty democracy in 1999. Accordingly, there is the need […]

Majority Of Moroccans Want Gov’t To Tackle Unemployment – Latest Afrobarometer

A latest Afrobarometer Survey has established that unemployment is the most important problem that Moroccans want the government to resolve. The survey also shows a strong popular preference for expanding free education to the university level. Citizens give the government increasingly poor marks for its performance in creating job and […]

Moroccans’ Attitudes Toward Immigrants A Mix Of Welcome And Caution – Survey Reveals

Moroccans’ attitudes toward immigrants are a mix of welcome and caution, a new Afrobarometer survey reveals. While one-third of Moroccans say refugees, migrants, and other displaced persons should be allowed to live in the country, only a quarter are in favour of more immigrants being allowed into the country. Although […]