1200, Youth enrolled under Zongo Entrepreneur and created 230 projects- CEO of Zongo Development Fund

The NPP have always had a great heart felt for the poor and needy people, through the Zongo Development Fund the NPP government have created 230 projects.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony of the Ashanti Regional Nasara Campaign Team, CEO of Zongo Development Fund, Mr.Arafat Sulemana Abdulai, said looking at the social interventions the NPP government has brought to the development of Zongo community.

He recounted that now that Ghanaians are descending into who have delivered to the people of Zongo community H.E.Nana Addo Dankwa deserve better to get 60% in the Zongo community come 2020 general elections.

The fund have built ten seater place of convenance in the Zongo community in Bantama, sofo lane and other Zongo community, they yet to build 20 more to add up.

According to him, Zongo entrepreneurship development skills and this year they are going to train 1,200 but will select 700 people from the trainees to be equip and supported with the needed resources to employ individuals in the Zongo community.

This year under the zongo development fund they have sponsored about 40 Zongo youth to obtain Doctorate degree in Cuba to lean medicine and health care provider.

The fund is going to built ten AstroTurf in the Zongo community in Ashanti Region.

He noted journey of a thousand miles begins with a step so everything that you do must begin with a step that will be in the right direction.

The idea of the creation of the Zongo Development Fund is to create the enabling environment for the people in the Zongo community.

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