ZoomlionBeginsDisinfectionof Collegesof EducationIn N/R

Zoomlion Ghana Limited on Thursday, June 11, begun the disinfection and fumigation of Colleges of Education in the Northern Region.

The exercise was part of measures outlined by the government, through the Ministry of Education in partnership with Zoomlion Ghana Limited, to help curb the new coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

Speaking to journalists on the sidelines of the exercise, the Vice Principal of Tamale College of Education, Mr Nuhu Imoro, said that the Covid-19 pandemic had indeed disrupted and affected their academic work.

“…and those who have been adversely affected are the final-year students,” the vice principal of Tamale College of Education lamented.

Furthermore, Mr Imoro hinted that the online method of teaching the students has equally not helped that much.

He explained that this was because many of the students did not have have smartphones, adding that some of the students were also having network problems at where they live.

He went on to add that there was also an issue with monitoring effectively the progress of academic work of the students.

According to Mr Imoro, the school will make provision to cater for the students who could not study online.

In this regard, he commended the Education Ministry and Zoomlion Ghana Limited for the exercise.

He indicated that it will help protect the students from being infected with the Covid-19.

On observing the Covid-19 safety protocols, he disclosed that the school was in constant touch with the Tamale Municipal on the best approach for the safety of the students.

“For the social/physical distancing protocol, we can practice it effectively because those coming in were only the final-year students,” he stated.

From the Tamale College of Education, the Zoomlion disinfection team moved to the Bagabaga College of Education, Tamale.

On his part, the Vice Principal of the Bagabaga College of Education, Mr Emmanuel Alhassan, indicated that management had put in place adequate measures for the students returning to ensure that they are protected from the virus.

“We will also have medical doctors and nurses who will screen all students before they enter for lectures,” he revealed.

He said the pandemic has really had an adverse impact on the college’s academic work.

“We must applaud government’s efforts to engage Zoomlion to disinfect and fumigate Colleges of Education across the country,” Mr Alhassan expressed.

Earlier, Zoomlion disinfected and dis-infestated the Tamale Technical University.

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