I’m planning to go completely nude – Stephanie Benson


Award winning Ghanaian International musician, Stephanie Benson has revealed her intention to go totally naked.

“I have a nipple created for me…. I can show it to you right now. I don’t mind because that’s life. I can walk naked but you guys will kill… I’ve done it before in London for a dance event,” Stephanie Benson told Berla Mundi on Rythmzlive.
The jazz singer and songwriter rubbished claims that she is done a body plastic surgery which makes her look younger than her age.

According to her, she engages in physical activity to improve her health and fitness.

“I clinch all the time… it’s very good for your pelvic flow to clinch all the time. I’ve not done plastic surgery.

“I got white people’s butt… I don’t want implant anymore. After I had my children, I had a breast implant because I had small boobs. But after the implant was done, my boobs got really big so I took them out. For now, I’ve had both my breast and the implant removed and the breast reconstructed because of cancer. I was lucky because it was cut early,” Stephanie Benson added.
Source: kasapafmonline.com

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