Sempe Stool Elders Warn Togbe Afede Over Otintor’s Fraudulent Gazette Application

Togbe Afede XIV

The Dzasetse of Sempe Divisional Council, Nii Adotei Cudjoe, the Sempe Stool Shrine High Priest, Numo Oyeni Wolomo and Elders of Sempe Divisional Council have sounded a word of caution to the National House of Chiefs and its President, Togbe Afede to desist from the fraudulent gazeting of Nii Moi Allotei Brown a.k.a Adote Otintor as Chief of Sempe.

Speaking to Newsmen at a Press Briefing in Accra after which a petition was sent to the President and the Office of the Special Prosecutor,  Nii Adotei Cudoe, Oyeni Wulomo of Sempe Stool on behalf of the elders of the Sempe Traditional Area, noted that the reasons for the call on the National House of Chiefs not to gazette Otintor are that, Nii Moi Alotei Brown who parades himselfas Sempe Chief under the stool name, Nii Adote Otintor was never installed as chief of the area.

He described him as an imposter who, since 2008 begun carrying himself a such.

Nii Adotei Cudjoe further stated that Sempe Stool functionaries do not recognize Otintor as the Chief of Sempe.

Nii Adotei Cudjoe further stated that the National House of Chiefs’ Declaration Forms (C.D Forms) which was purported to have been filled by Otintor at the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs at Dodowa is “fake, forged and without merit.”

The Acting Dzasetse of Sempe Stool averred that it was one Nana Alorh, President of the Volta Regional House of Chiefs, who mooted for the adoption of Otintor’s CD forms at the National House of Chiefs.

The elders however asked that “If Togbe Alorh who is from the Volta Region can impose a Chief on the people of Sempe in the Greater Accra Region, What interest he has in the chieftaincy affairs or issues of Sempe.”

The Dzasetse said “According to our reliable sources, recent meeting that was held at the National House of Chiefs in Kumasi at the Research and Steering Committee meetings revealed that the said Nana , (Togbe), Alorh misinformed the Committees that Nii Adote Obuor II, the Legitimate gazette Sempe Chief has been bought by Otintor.

The Dzasetse explained that all those allegations made by Togbe Alorh are false and should be treated with all the contempt that it deserves.

The Sempe Stool functionaries appealed to Togbe Afede that although Otintor fraudulent Gazette processing has reached the Advanced Committee stages at the National House of chiefs in Kumasi, they are alerting Togbe Afede not to be pushed to endorse that particular gazette, because it is a fake and forged document making claims that he has been endorsed by the three family Elders that constitute the Sempe Stool.

The Acting Dzasetse appealed to the government led by His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo to ensure that sanity and discipline prevails at all levels of Ghana’s chieftaincy institutions which is allegedly contaminated with widespread corruption, thus at the Traditional, Regional and National House of Chiefs, for respect and dignity to be restored in the Chieftaincy by halting the gazeting process of fake chiefs, Queen mothers and other Traditional office holders to save the chieftaincy institution from collapsing and to foster peace and unity in the highly respected institution.

Nii Adotei Cudjoe added that a section of the chiefs of the National House of Chiefs disagreed with Togbe Alorh’s motion to accept Otintor’s CD forms and therefore rejected it whilst another Group of Chiefs who allegedly took monies from Otintor’s group agreed with the motion, whilst Togbe Afede himself the President is not aware of the mafia and the cartel works that his sub-ordinates have been doing to get the said imposter gazette at all cost.

The Acting Dzasetse of Sempe noted that some chiefs and government officials who are supporting Otintor are seriously persuading Togbe Afede to get the said Otintor registered as the Chief of Sempe, although Sempe stool Elders never elected or nominated him to be their Chief.

Nii Adotei Cudjoe also called on Togbe Afede to conduct an independent investigation into the matter to probe further into those Chiefs involved in the alleged corruption to manipulate and gazette Otintor and forward the culprits to the Special Prosecutor, Mr. Martin Amidu for prosecution to ensure that discipline prevails in our Chieftaincy institution.

Readers would recall that Otintor’s father is still a sub-chief of Manponse, a small quarterat Agege in Dansoman, under the jurisdiction of the Sempe Stool.

“How can his son, Nii Moi Allotei Brown be a Paramount Chief over his father,” the Dzasetse said, stressing that they are throwing this mind burgling question to Ghanaians in all traditional Areas in General and Togbe Afede and NanaAlorh in particular.

Nii Adotei Cudjoe, the Acting Dzasetse and his elders noted that it looks as if these days 70 percent of chiefs in the Greater Accra Region, likewise Queen mothers, Asafoatsemmei and other traditional office holders are land guards, imposters and charlatans.



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