NDC Need Technology Innovative Oriented Leadership … Azubila

Azubila Salam Emmanuel, the aspiring Greater Accra Deputy Regional Secretary for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has said the party needs technology innovative oriented leadership to win power from super incompetent New Patriotic Party  (NPP) administration.

Mr. Azubila in an interview with the media in Accra, stated that he will ensure that every constituency will have an IT center to train at least 10 youth in the constituencies to monitor elections related issues.

Elections ,he said are won from the polling stations and constituencies adding that any political party that is not paying much attention to its polling stations and constituencies, is not prepared enough to win power, hence his intention to bring the use of technology to the door steps of every constituency when giving the nod.

According to him ,the party’s preparations to win power in 2020 depends on how the party put measures in place  so as to monitor the results that enter into the EC main server.

‘’ We as a party did not collate results in the 2016 elections which made it difficult for us to compare our results to the results collated by the Electoral Commission‘’ he noted.

He said there is no doubt that the EC is full of NPP sympathizers hence the need for the NDC to be more than vigilante to win power in 2020 general elections adding that the party cannot be vigilant without the use of Technology innovations.

‘’With the assistance of anyone who emerge as my boss (Greater Accra Regional Secretary ) I will collaborate with the person to bring difference to our party administrative services in the Region through the use of technology.

He urged the party not to be interested in hacking into the EC server rather monitor closely the figures that goes into the EC system comparing it with the party‘s collated  figures from branch by branch, constituency by constituency and region by Region.

According to him the  NPP has never won any elections genuinely in this country without dubious means. this he called on the party to strengthened its monitoring system to ensure that the party wins power come 2020.

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