South Africa Based Seasoned Political Analyst Usman Fakih Sualleh Descends On NPP For Woeful Implementation Of Free SHS

A South African based Ghanaian political analyst, Mr.  Usman Fakih Sualleh,  has descended on the ruling NPP government  for their woeful implementation  of a program as delicate as the Free SHS.

The highly respected sociopolitical  commentator tasked the government  to swallow pride and do the honorable thing by doing a nationwide consultation to avoid further damage to the media engulfed Free Senor High  School.

Mr. Usman Fakih Suallah,  a proud son Techimanatia in the Tano South of the Brong Ahafo region in Ghana, punched damning holes on the elementary nature of the implementation of the FSHS.

As a flagship policy of the ruling NPP whiles in opposition,  the then power seeking NPP promised to deliver free education to students at the SHS level if entrusted with their votes.

The campaign message convinced Ghanaians into trading the infrastructural Mahama led NDC government  for the tuition free NPP during the 2016 general election.

One year into the much publicized educational intervention program however,  the government is facing serious challenges in administering the flagship program led by lack of funds and infrastructures.

Mr. Usman Fakih Suallah,  a former Deputy General Secretary of the Teacher Trainees Association,  charged the government to go back to the drawing board and do the necessary consultation  before continuing  the program since it has national interests.

Speaking on the delicate nature of the intervention, Mr.  Suallah bemoaned  the near fatal administration of the FSHS,  citing the poor feasibility  studies preceding  the project.

“I am surprised it’s now that the current administration is realising the problem of infrastructure in our various high schools.

“This same issue was raised by the just past administration and it was demonized by the current government. Ghanaians want results ,Ghanaians are tired of being lied to.”

“Ghanaians voted for a change to see betterment not a change to collapse our curriculum. The NPP government just have to eat the humble pie and adopt the progressive free High School as initiated by the NDC.” the disappointed  Politician lamented.

On the students and beneficiaries of the project,  the ace  political commentator shielded the innocent students from being used as guinea pigs.

“The future of our tomorrow leaders can’t be used as an experiment. NPP government took a like decision of extending the senior high school duration to 4 years and this same problem of infrastructure popped up could they not learn from that?”,  Mr. Suallah added.

On the new structures,  the government  is proposing a semester basis for the flagship project that will see students go for tuition in turns with manageable  numbers for the limited housing facilities,  feeding and other related costs.

The Free SHS has been hailed as one of the best initiatives ever taken by any government but has it been well structured  or implemented?
Could it have been progressive until fully functional?

By : Saani Abacha /Sungmaale FM @Saani_abacha

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