Ghana movie industry is not dead – Adjetey Anang

Contrary to claims by many actors and actresses that there is no Ghanaian movie industry, actor Adjetey Anang says otherwise.

In an interview on e. TV Ghana’s entertainment talk show, the Late Nite Celebrity Show, Adjetey agreed to the fact that there are some shortcomings in the industry but according to him, looking at it in from a business point of view, all businesses have good days and bad days, and how you handle those bad days will project you into better days.

“There are a combination of factors, for me, I see it as any business, you have your good days and your bad days, what you do on your bad days will move you from one level to another.”

He also said that the bad days are best times to reflect on where your shortcomings are and how to improve on them.

“I think that it also gives us time to reflect, what are the things we have gotten wrong, what are the choices we have made that we can get back on track and then make better choices. For me, it is healthy in a sense.”

The prolific actor then disclosed that he got more movie scripts and even rejected some ever since he heard his colleagues complain about there not being an industry.

“On the contrary, speaking for myself since I heard that the industry has gone bad I have had most contracts that I even reject some.”

This for him means there is definitely a movie industry

“So if you ask me if there is an industry I will tell you, yes there is.”

Regardless of his personal experience, he noted that the movie industry is suffering in terms of movie productions and he attributed it the recent competition with regards to the numerous telenovelas on our screens and lack of marketing strategies.

“Of course, it is not an individual thing we are looking at a whole picture and defiantly the statistics of movies is low. People are not really able to market their products and there are all sorts of competition out there. There are telenovelas out there, people are handicapped as to how far they can go to market their products and make the returns they need.”

Irrespective of all the negativity, he still maintains that there is a movie industry in Ghana.

“Things have gone quite bad but there is still an industry.”

Adjetey is popularly known as ‘Pusher’ which was his screen name in the television series, ‘Things We Do For Love’. He has featured in many Ghanaian movies, including ‘Deadly Voyage’, ‘A sting in a tale’, ‘Perfect Picture’ and others. He has also featured in a Dutch movie titled, ‘Slavery’.


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