Organic Products; Best Skincare Range One Could Ever Feed The Skin – Mariam Ibrahim

Seriously Though: If You Care At All About Using Natural Skincare Products(And You Should,) Don’t Just Use Them On Your Face, Focus On Your Body Too.

“The skin below your chin accounts for the majority of your surface area, so start there to make a major impact fast.” Says Sarah Villafranco, M.D, Founder Of Natural Skincare Company Osmia.

The CEO of Mimi skincare and Trendies, Mariam Ibrahim has varieties of organic skincare range for both dark and women of colour. These organic products are Strecth marks oil, Dark Knuckle Cleanser, Brown skin cream, fair skin cream,Brown and fair skin shower gel and many more.

The products are made with organic ingredients that pampers your skin and makes it radiantly beautiful.

You can purchase these products at her Instagram page mimi_skincare_and_Trendies and Facebook @ mimis skincare & Trendies for purchasing

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