I will work Hard For NDC Victory 2020 If


An aspiring National Executive Committee (NEC), Member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Alhaji Habibu Adramani, has pledge to work hard for the NDC to win power in 2020 if giving the nod.


The aspiring NEC Member said this after his vetting at the party headquarters in Accra.


He said, his experience, commitment and loyalty will help achieve his goals of winning the 2020 elections for the NDC adding that he had served the party from the grassroots and has the needed capacity to bring back the NDC back to power if giving the nod as a NEC Member.


“The ideas and experiences I gathered from branch, constituency and regional level, I will replicate it to help at the National level to ensure the part wins power” he noted.


Alhaji Adramani expressed optimism of winning the NEC member slot due to his previous records at the branch, constituency and regional adding the his job over the year’s will speak for him.


He said he has worked at the constituency level for 22 years as well as the regional first vice chairman and acting chairman and as a government appointee for three districts in the Central Region.


Alhaji Adramani further pledge to ensure unity and cohesion in the party at the branch, constituency and regional levels .


According to him, after working efficiently at the various levels of the party for years, he has identify the problems within the party at grassroots.


The aspiring NEC Member who picked the second position on the ballot further expressed optimism of solving problems, bringing people together and uniting the branches, constituency and regional for victory 2020.

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