‘We will resist illegal partitioning of Volta Region’ – Asogli State

The Asogli State Council has stated its resolve to “resist” the creation of Oti Region out of the Volta Region should the “due process” not be followed.


Togbe Adzi Lakle Howusu XII, Warlord of Asogli, at a press conference on Tuesday, said the Council was not against the creation of Oti Region, but owed it to the people to protect the “sanctity of Eweland” by ensuring that the Constitution was followed strictly and all Voltarians allowed to vote in the referendum.


He said creation of Oti Region involved the alteration of existing boundaries of the Volta Region thus the need to allow the entire Volta Region to take part in the referendum and not limited to areas earmarked for Oti Region.


“In our view, it will be unconstitutional, unfair and against natural justice to limit the referendum to a minority in the Region leaving out the voices of the majority of Voltarians,” Togbe Howusu stated.


He said they were aware of malpractices going on in the limited voter registration taking place in the Oti enclave and said the exercise threatened the peace of the Region.


Togbe Howusu therefore appealed to those against and in favour of the creation of Oti Region to “uphold the truth” and adhere strictly to procedures specified in the Constitution relating to the alteration of boundaries of existing regions.


The press conference was attended by some members of the clergy and youth of Asogli, clad in red.


Source: ghananewsagency.org

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