Pay Attention To Basic Education – Gov’t Told

Gov’t has been told to give equal attention to the need of children in private basic schools to help achieve the Vision 2020 education for all.

The call was made by the founder of the Royal Blood of Jesus Church at Agona Asafo in the Central Region, Prophetess Emma Nkrumah during a visit to the school established by the Church.

She hinted that private schools provide immense support to the provision of quality education in the country, yet they do not receive any support from the government.

 She however proposed the supply of teaching and learning materials such as exercise and note books, pens, pencils and erasers to some selected needy students in private basic schools, particularly those in the rural deprived areas.

According to her, there are now a lot of private schools in most rural areas where hitherto children had to walk long distance to attend public school at particular area, with the sole aim of not making money but providing accessible education to children in such areas.

She disclosed that the proprietors of these schools in deprived areas often had to bear to entire cost of the education of most of the children because of the economic background of some of the parents.

These she said covers school fees, text and exercise books, uniforms and even food, and has therefore appealed to the government to pay attention to the plight of such children in deprived communities.

By. Robert Ayanful

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