Ablekuma Joma Chief commend government for work done in Zongo

The Ablekuman Joma zongo  chief,Chief Musah Insor  has commend  government for promising to support women in Zongo community who are into ‘waakye’ and ‘sobolo’ making, as part of moves to empower them to be economically productive in the Zongo communities.
He described the initiative as a good move by a government  although he says it is not a top priority.

Chief Musah Insor, the Ablekuma-Joma Chief told Kwabena Agyapong on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM that, the idea is not a bad idea because it will help residents to have the needed resources to boost their businesses.

According to him, they already know how to cook ‘waakye’ and prepare ‘sobolo’ but the only thing they lack is access to capital to expand so he plead with government to give them financial support so that they can expand their business.
He added  that education is their top most priority and believes the introduction of scholarships would go a long way to give children in Zongo communities a better future.

Chief Musah Insor said the Minister has initiated a number of socio-economic programmes that are aimed at developing the human capacities of the people in Zongo communities, empower them to be economically productive and support the promotion of their indigenous businesses in order to improve household incomes.

“To this end, the ministry is working with the National Board for Small-Scale Industries (NBSSI) to train selected women across Zongo communities who have businesses, and especially in Zongo cuisine like “waakye,” “sobolo,” “tubani,” “koko” and the rest of them, first of all, to improve the development and packaging of these foods in order to add value and increase incomes associated with these businesses for which to him is needless.

“NBSSI aims to accredit some of these women to become ready sources for provision of these foods to conferences, meetings, and hotels.”
“Mr Speaker, there is also the Zongo Coded Programme, which is to train, improve and redirect the ICT skills of the youth in Zongo communities into productive ventures…”he added.

The Ablekuma-Joma Zongo Chief lamented that although the support would give residents the needed capital to expand, education is their number one priority.

Story by  Joseph Nana Yaw Cobbina

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