The Story Behind Dodowa Hospital Shooting

Bright Nana Oppong, an Estate Agent is appealing to the Police administration to ensure their men do thorough investigation in matters that are brought before it.

Last week, a group of armed land guards were said to have attacked and injured some persons together with some police officers at the Shai Osudoku District Hospital at Dodowa.

According to Bright Nana Oppong “I was working at Adegon when one Iman at Dodowa called me to come around for a discussion over some regularization discussion which I obliged. Upon getting there, the Imam apparently had arranged with some land guards who attacked us upon arrival,” he alleged

“In the middle of my discussion with the Imam, I heard him say on phone to another person that, Nana Oppong is here, I am here with him. Few minutes after that, I heard some loud shout outside from some of my subordinates who were also shouting for help saying “we are being killed, help us”.
“I then called the Dodowa Police for assistance while I took cover. Two of my workers have been butchered; one in the head with deep cut which had touched the skull and the other in the jaw,” he narrated

“The police upon arrival gave us escort to the Shai Osudoku District Hospital so we could seek medical attention for the injured. Just as we got there, these land guards numbering about eighty to hundred rushed on us with guns and machete, amidst the firing of warning shots. Again I had to rush to the morgue where I went to hide with the help of the attendants. Again I could hear them say they were looking for me to kill.”

“Thankfully to God, the situation was brought under control and we had to transfer the two injured to Korle-bu for further treatment.”

Mr Oppong continued that “after stabilizing my workers, I then proceeded to the Police station to lodge an official complaint and pen down my statement. But to my surprise, I was asked to be detained by the Divisional Commander. The reason was I had in my possession a gun. My gun is registered so I don’t know why I should be detained and besides, it was not fired. I am being detained whilst those who attacked my workers and I are walking freely. Is this justice?”

He said he was later processed for court and remanded to re-appear on the December 6.

Mr Oppong is however appealing to the Police administration to thoroughly investigate the matter and ensure perpetrators are brought to book as well as ensure justice is meted out to him and his workers.

He said, their attackers have encroached some one hundred acres of land allocated to his estate company and efforts were underway to look at roadmap in ensuring that the encroachers regularize their lands.

“Since these people had encroached on our lands, we thought it wise to have some discussion with them to regularize their lands for them as our grantors had title to the said land in contention. So the Imam actually called me to come so that we look at the roadmap in solving the problem of encroachment but apparently he and his people had arranged for us to be attacked. The Imam directed the land guards to kill us and burry us there but God saved us,” he noted.


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