Muay Thai: Jonathan Euro wins 1-1 Super Fight Championship in Hong Kong

James Town, Accra based Jonathan Euro, one of the rising stars in kickboxers in Ghana shocked fans in Hong Kong when he took on and defeated home boy, Zhang Yulong in a 1-1 Super Fight Championship at the Star Hall on December 11, 2018.

Euro who is a member of the Pro Fighting Factory Gym was poised to make history and establish himself as one of the best fighters from Africa.

He won by a round two knock out.

He told yours truly he wanted to see a title for Ghana as the defeat of Isaac Dogboe hurt him, and he also had to hurt someone in a revenge for Ghana.

He was accompanied and trained by head coach / president Lawrence Nyanyo Nmai of te PRO FIGHTING FACTORY in Hong Kong, alongside assistant coach Isaac Doku and did well to carry the flag of Ghana high.

Swiss based Nyanyo Nmai said the president’s words of inspiration gave them  hope to win
Meanwhile, Nii Adote Dzata 1 has commended Jonathan Euro for his hard work and discipline.

STORY BY Sammy Heywood Okine

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