Meat seller butched by armed robbers at manhea

Two suspected armed robbers were arrested at their hideout at Manhea in the Amasaman Municipality for attacking a meat seller with cutlass on his way to market.

According to eyewitnesses, the victim Mallam Ibrahim Dauda was attacked and butchered by the robbers on his way to buy goat and cow meats for his business.

The robbers according to sources were later arrested by the Amasaman District Police command but were released without charges.
This prompted some family members of the victim to question the District Police Command over why the suspects were released without any justification, and the knowledge of the victim’s family.

On his part, the Amasaman District Police in an interview with Accra base Rainbow Radio confirmed the report and made a swift turn to state that the suspects will be arranged before court in due time.

According to the police, the suspects cannot be detained for more that 72 hours hence the release of the two suspects.

It is believed that the suspects are walking freely without any investigation but the according to the police the suspects are under investigation which contradicts the earlier statement by the police.

The victim is also on admission at the hospital. Source: Muhammed Faisel Mustapha

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