Bediako Royal Clan Of Kpone Outdoors Family Head, Numo Tetteh Ogoe

Indigenes of Kpone in the Kpone Traditional Area of the Greater Accra Region have been admonished to endeavour to contribute towards development in the area as the community still needs development.

According to the Clan head of the Bediako royal Clan of Kpone, Nuumo Tettey Ogoe, there is the need to admonish the indegenes both home and abroad to contribute towards the development back at home to ensure progress.

“We need our people both home and abroad to endeavour to contribute their quota towards the development of Kpone because government alone cannot do it all”

Nuumo Tettey Ogoe made the remarks when he was outdoored as the family head of the Bediako royal clan of Kpone at a short ceremony at the family house on sunday.

Nuumo Ogoe, known in private life as Daniel Tettey Tettey is 85 years and a fisherman by profession.

Nuumo Ogoe according to some elders of the Bediako royal Clan has been the family head for several years after the demise of the late family head Ahia Mansro who dies close to a decade ago.

“Nuumo Tettey Ogoe has been the family head of the Bediako royal clan for several years now. He succeeded the late Ahia Mansro who was then the family head of the clan. This ceremony is just to outdoor him to the general public and indegenes outside Kpone to know that Tettey Ogoe is still the family head for the Bediako royal clan,” Nuumo Abraham Teye Quarshie explained.

Nuumo Ogoetei who is a principal elders of the Bediako royal clan performed the necessary traditional rites ahead of the out-dooring. He offered a traditional prayer with a bottle of schnapp in front of the family house calling on the ancestors to grant the family head more life and strength to deliver on his duties as the head of the royal clan.

Some family members present were happy that the long standing head of family Nuumo Tettey Ogoe has once again been out-doored and showcased to the public.

“This is not a new person we are outdooring, Nuumo Ogoe has been there since, but has been on the quite and we think it has not been helpful, so we are extremely happy for this day. Some people thought that the Bediako royal clan has no family head and for far too long we have been sidelined when it comes to decision making in the area. But today we want everybody to know that Nuumo Tettey Ogoe continuous to be our family head in the Bediako royal clan and must be accorded the needed respect, attention and mention at all events that has to do with the development of Kpone,” some family members stressed.

Another elder of the Bediako royal clan J. T Quarahie also explained that “soon after the demise of the then family head of the Bediako royal clan some years ago, Nuumo Tettey Ogoe was duly selected and approved with all the necessary rites performed for him as a successor of the late Ahia Mansro, the then head of the Bediako royal clan. So we are happy Nuumo Ogoe is still here with us and continuous to be our head of family. Although he has been quite over the years, his new outdooring signifies the beginning of greater things to happen to the people of the Bediako royal clan. So we want all and sundry to know that Nuumo Ogoe is still alive and continuous to be the family head of the Bediako royal clan,” he emphasized.

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