Fear Grips GA Traditional Council As Abola Royal Stool Installs Journalist As Dzaasetse

After several years in the media as a professional journalist, whose expertise most chiefs and traditional leaders within the GA Traditional area tap into, Henry Ayi Addo, Managing Editor of Adansie Newspaper has been installed as Dzaasetse of the Abola Royal Stool.

His installation spark tension and fear within the Ga Traditional Council with majority of its members seeing him as a threat to their neferous activities and illegitimate position.

Tension and fear is brewing among members of the GA Traditional Council after it has become obvious that Henry Nii Ayikushi Addo will be taking over his new portfolio in the GA Traditional setting as the Dzaasetse of the Abola Royal Stool.

Snippets of information gathered revealed that several threat calls and messages are beginning to come from unknown persons believed to be connected to some members of the Council threatening family members and elders of the Abola Royal house asking them not to install the Journalist As Dzaasetse.

Intelligence information gathered also indicated that the GA Traditional Council met in a closed door meeting where selected traditional rulers made persistent calls to the Abola Royal house with the intention of scuttling the installation process.

Nii Ayikai, the Akanmgmadze Mantse according to information made the first confession at the meeting where he admitted that Henry Ayi Addo had organised police and media to arrest and publish him when he flouted a Court order ordering him to be placed in police custody after he was involved in illegal double sale of a landed property at Abissey Okay which belongs to the Kwabenya Queen mother, Naa Korkoi Dugbartey.

It also emerged that Nii Duodu Nsaki , also recounted to the meeting the efforts made by Henry Ayi Addo together with the police and National Security when they gave him a hot chase when he tried to impose an illegal curfew in Accra without the consent of either his Excellency the President of Ghana or the speaker of Parliament who are constitutionally mandated by law to impose a curfew..

Also Nii Ayi Bonte allegedly told the meeting that he had had several confrontations with Henry Addo when he (Ayi Bonte) tried to usurp the Authority of the Kwabenya Queen mother to impose a chief on the people of Kwabenya without the consent of the Queen mother .

Nii Moi Allotei Brown, also recounted the efforts made by Henry Addo to cause his destoilment in a Court case over his capacity which ruling was given in favour of Henry’ Addo.

The elders and heads of Abola Royal family which is the First Royal Ruling House of the Ga State to install Mr Henry Nii Ayikushi Addo as the Principal Kingmaker (Dzaasetse) of the Nii Kofi Tuadan Royal Stool of Abola Kpatashie on Thursday as the Principal Kingmaker of Abola Royal Stool led by the former Director of Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL), Asafoatse Nii Ahele Nunoo and the various heads that constituted the Ga Abola Dzaase confined him in the Abola Royal Stool Room

The tradition continued the next day of the traditional white colourful outdooring of the kingmaker (Dzaasetse) to the Abola Royal Stool performance of the customary, traditional and installation rites.

Henry Nii Ayikushi Addo would affirmed his capacity to be customarily and traditionally installed to ascend the status of Principal Kingmaker of Ga Royal Paramount Stool ths rightful and ligitimate Principal Kingmaker of Ga Royal Paramount Stool to go ahead in the decision making process in any installation of a new Ga Mantse to succeed the late substantive Ga Mantse, King Sorsi Amugi Boni in order to end the long feuding Ga Mantse chieftaincy dispute in the Ga State.

This means that, assumption of traditional office of Nii Ayikushi Addo would attest to the facts that the latest ruling by the Supreme Court on the Ga Mantse saga will now be recognised as one of the key stakeholders the position of the Principal Kingmaker to Ga Royal Paramount Stool with an uncompromising position of the high intellectual ability of the renowned outstanding investigative journalist contribution towards restoring peace during his professional journalist practice to have served almost all the various traditional houses within the Ga traditional area in the area of land, chieftaincy, and other family issues.

He also played key roles in the installation of the two contesting position of the Ga Mantse saga, including the role he played in the Ga Paramount stool Dzaase with Dr. Nii Tetteh Kwei in the last installation of the Ga Mantse, until the recent final determination by the Supreme Court, and assured the people of Ga mashie that his coming will unite the people of Ga from Obutu to Ada shula.

He further noted that it is only by the law court the people can seek legal redress on all their issues , position and concerns ,including the decision in the last supreme court ruling on the Ga Mantse saga.


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