Director Of Tema Port Appeals For Shift In Attitude Towards Maritime Environment

Meanwhile the Director for the Port of Tema, Sandra Opoku, has made a passionate appeal for effective implementation of policies of international standards for a shift in attitude towards positive environmental ethics.

“We destroy lives and pollute the oceans and skies and yet have the audacity to call ourselves superior beings. Now the way forward, basically it is attitudinal change. And we should know that when the damage occurs, the correction will take a lot of money. It can be costly and time intensive and so we should ensure that our oceans at least, we start from the landside, our ports are clean and we will also ensure that the vessels coming to our ports also adhere to the Maritime conversions,” she admonished.

Speaking at the 6th WISTA Africa Region Conference, held in Accra, Sandra Opoku said that all vessels that call the Port of Tema comply with International Maritime Conventions.

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