IMO Boss Visits MPS

In a related development, the IMO Secretary General also visited Meridian Port Services, where he was received by the CEO, Mohammed Samara, who illustrated in a presentation MPS’ projected contribution to the Port of Tema’s vision.
“We are the largest port in terms of volume, because of the efficiency that we had invested in, we became very efficient and we had a lot of volume,” he disclosed.”
The CEO of MPS, Mohammed Samara disclosed to the IMO Secretary General that, the ongoing expansion works would double the TEU capacity of the existing terminals and provide a Port that would be sustainable for about a 100years.
He said the Port Authority is strategizing to harness the benefits of Ghana’s growing economy by making sure the Port becomes a hub that unlocks traffic flow of cargo within the sub-region.
“The goal is also to originate more full containers out of Ghana’s economy. The ports in Ghana and most ports in Africa are imbalanced, import is more than the export,” Mohammed Samara expressed.
He added that, Ghana like other West African nations, are working tirelessly to bridge the gap between imports and exports.

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